a decorative graphic with a yellow background, an illustration of the sun, the Melissa Schools logo, and the text "Summer Hours"
a graphic image advertising UIL requirements for the 2034-2024 school year
a decorative graphic advertising safety information shared in this post
a graphic image advertising a meet-and-greet Billy Watkins
a young student studies number identification cards
a graphic image advertising Board of Trustees election information
a decorative banner advertising the MHS Film Fest on May 20, 2023; the banner features event information along with three production photos from the students' short films
the Melissa ISD Athletics logo
a decorative banner advertising the Melissa Cardinals' Spring Game Day on May 13
a decorative banner advertising a workforce volunteer opportunity in cybersecurity team-teaming at Melissa High School
Andrew Nager is dressed in a black suit with a red tie against a white backdrop
a banner graphic with information about the "meet and greet" event with Coach Stephen Friar on May 2
a rendering of the Melissa ISD Coach Kenny Deel Stadium
a decorative banner with the text: "Parent Surveys; 2022-2023 School Year; Gathering Feedback from Melissa ISD Parents/Guardians"
Tyler Mathieson
a decorative graphic with a picture of students standing in athletic uniforms, overlaid with the text: "Summer 2023 Cardinal Camps; www.melissaisd.org/camps"
a banner graphic with a screenshot of the new Melissa ISD interactive zoning map
a banner with information about Melissa ISD Kindergarten Round-Up scheduled for April 13, 2023
a banner graphic advertising the Melissa ISD Teacher & Staff Job Fair on April 11, 2023