Anonymous Reporting

Ensuring the Safety, Security and Wellbeing of Students, Families and Staff in Melissa Schools.

At Melissa ISD, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students, families and staff members. In everything that we do, we strive for a unified school community instilling our core values and character traits, which we also call “the Cardinal Way”.  

If a student does not feel safe or secure at school, we want to know about it. Our schools have a reporting process in place to assist students and families with sharing any concerns, including: bullying, harassment, threats, self-harm, acts of racism, violence or unlawful activities. We can act on these concerns when we know about them and, in turn, better serve our students and families.

Protecting our students, faculty and schools requires everyone’s support. By alerting us to incidents that concern you, we can take steps towards preventing rather than reacting to any kind of school safety, security or well-being concerns.

Examples of WHAT to Report

  • An elementary student reported that they were concerned that a friend of their’s was being bullied by another student on a social media platform.  The counselor investigated the report and was able to help end the cyberbullying and work with each of the families to promote awareness and with the students to learn appropriate digital citizenship pro-social behaviors and communication.

  • An anonymous report was made by a middle school student expressing concern that a friend is making suicidal comments. The report was received by the school counseling department.  Shortly after receiving the report, a counselor reached out to the student that day and was able to connect the student and family with resources to help the student.

  • A teenager made an anonymous report online regarding overhearing threats to carry out a mass shooting at the local high school by another student. Authorities found a collection of weapons and (on social media) plans to target four people at the school. The offending student was arrested, and a mass shooting was thwarted.

  • A member of the community reported witnessing students engaging in suspicious behavior while in the parking lot at a school sporting event. School police immediately investigated and discovered that the students were engaging in the use of illegal substances.

Reporting Forms: