HAC Support

The Home Access Center (HAC) allows Melissa ISD parents and guardians to monitor their students' grades and daily attendance.

The HAC replaces the Parent Portal previously utilized by Melissa ISD. As with any new technology system, there may be technical issues that you encounter during your first attempt to activate and log into your HAC account.

The district will work on rectifying HAC account issues as quickly as possible. Please know that, in particular, the process to merge multiple HAC accounts is slow; however, these requests will be given priority as they come in. We ask you in advance for your patience and assure you we are working as quickly as possible.

  • If you are unable to activate your HAC account with the access code(s) you were provided, please call your student's school for assistance.

  • If you received multiple access codes and you do not see all of your students listed in the HAC, please fill out the form below to request to have your accounts merged.

What is the HAC?

The Home Access Center (HAC) allows you to:

  1. view your student’s grades and daily attendance online,

  2. control the alerts you receive* regarding your students grades and daily attendance, and

  3. for future school years, complete the student registration process online.

Your student’s grades, daily attendance, and registration information can be viewed and managed in the HAC either in your web browser or by downloading the mobile app.

*HAC alerts are currently disabled until the system stabilizes.

Activate Your HAC Account

The first step to take in order to start viewing your student's information in the HAC is to activate your HAC account. The primary parent or guardian of each student should have received a letter with information regarding the HAC as well as a unique access code. Please note that the activation steps included in the parent letter have since changed; the updated activation steps are listed below.

  1. Click here to open the HAC account activation page.

  2. If the Select a District field is not showing Melissa ISD Live, use the arrow to open the dropdown and select Melissa ISD Live so that it populates the box.

  3. In the Access Code field, you will use the access code that was mailed to you on or around Sept. 10, 2021.

  4. In the Student Birthdate field, enter your student's date of birth as MMDDYYYY. (Example: If your students date of birth is March 21, 2009, you would enter 04212009.)

  5. Follow the prompts to set a username and password for your HAC account.

  6. Once your account activation is complete, you will use the HAC Login page to access the Home Access Center.

Known Issues

As we transition to utilizing the Home Access Center (HAC) for monitoring student grades and daily attendance, we are now at the point of troubleshooting areas where families are experiencing errors and need support.

There appear to be two problems that persist:

  1. Some parents/guardians have been unable to activate their account with the access code(s) they were provided. If this is the issue you experienced, please call your student's school for assistance.

  2. Many families with multiple students in the district received multiple HAC access codes, and upon account activation, only have access to information for one student at a time, or some students are not in the system at all. If this is the issue you are experiencing, please fill out the following form for priority assistance: HAC Help: Merge Request (Not All Students Showing in One Account).

Please complete the HAC Help form that best applies to your situation and the issues you have encountered with the HAC.