a graphic advertising COVID-19 updates for Melissa ISD

In response to the latest guidance from the Texas Education Agency released on Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, as of Monday, Aug. 23, 2021, the Melissa ISD 2021-2022 COVID-19 Safety Protocols have been updated to reflect the additional information outlined below. Please visit www.melissaisd.org/covid to read the full overview of our COVID-19 safety protocols.

COVID-19 Notifications, Flow Charts & Contact Tracing

  • Melissa ISD will notify employees and/or parents and guardians if a test-confirmed COVID-19 case is identified in a particular classroom or program cohort.

  • Regarding close contact tracing, our school nurses will communicate with parents and guardians of students, as well as employees, who may have been in close contact with COVID-19 while at school/work. Close contact tracing is dependent upon a number of factors and will vary for each case. 

  • The Melissa ISD COVID-19 Flow Charts have been updated to reflect the current steps that are to be taken if a student or employee tests positive or is symptomatic for COVID-19. To access these flow charts, visit the COVID-19 Information page at www.melissaisd.org/covid.

Student Attendance & Absences Related to COVID-19 

Each school website has an absence reporting form, which can be accessed at the top of each page by clicking on “Menu” and locating the “School Procedures, Forms & Expectations” heading (“Report Student Absence”).

Per the Texas Education Code, students must attend 90 percent of a course in order to be awarded credit, with some exceptions.

  • Students must be at school in order to be marked present that day.

  • Students who are absent from school due to a medical reason will have an opportunity to complete assignments from home, but will receive a medically-excused absence as long as medical documentation is provided.

    • If your student is currently in quarantine for COVID-19, please turn in medical documentation to the school and your student will begin to receive medically-excused absences as early as the second day of school.

    • Please work with your student’s school if you believe that an abundance of absences may take place, and/or if truancy is a concern, due to conditions surrounding COVID-19.

    • Pre-K and ECSE students will utilize SeeSaw to access assignments online.

    • K-5 students will either use Schoology or will be given a paper packet.

    • 6-12 students will utilize Schoology to access assignments online.

  • In the event that an unexpected in-person school closure is needed, all students and employees will transition to remote instruction until it is considered safe to return to the school building.

First Day of School Walk-ins

We understand that the first day of school is a landmark event each year. For parents and guardians who plan to join their elementary or Pre-K/ECSE students as they walk into school on the first day, we encourage you to practice social distancing and limit your time inside the building.

As a reminder, for individuals who feel it is appropriate for them, per the CDC, it is recommended to wear a face mask in schools and other district facilities.

Limiting Visitors at Schools

Until further notice, visitors are not permitted on campus during the school day unless they have made an appointment with the school. The PTO of each school will organize scheduled on-campus volunteer opportunities.

We understand that there will be special circumstances that require unplanned school visits; in this case, please coordinate with the school office and/or the campus principal.

Indoor Facility Rentals on Pause

Indoor facility rentals at Melissa ISD will remain closed to the public until further notice. The district will reevaluate the facility rental procedures in the fall and will publish an update online when an open date is determined. Rentals for outdoor spaces are expected to open in September. (See Also: Community Facility Rentals)

New Student Information System: Monitoring Absences & Grades

Melissa ISD is upgrading its student information system. For parents and guardians, this will impact:

  1. how you can view your student’s grades and daily attendance online,

  2. the alerts you may receive regarding your students grades and daily attendance, and

  3. the student registration process for future school years.

Beginning Sept. 8, 2021, your student’s grades, daily attendance, and registration information can be viewed and managed online by their primary parent or guardian through the Home Access Center online parent portal. Once live, the portal will be accessible from the district and school websites.

Please be advised that we are still in the process of migrating to this new student information system; we ask for and appreciate your continued patience, should any technical issues arise along the way.

See Also: Melissa ISD COVID-19 Safety Updates & Continued Mitigation Efforts