a graphic with information on how to access a HAC account

The steps to active your HAC account have changed and are slightly different from what was instructed in the letter mailed to parents/guardians on or around Sept. 10, 2021. Please follow the updated activation steps outlined on the HAC Support page under "Activate Your HAC Account".

If you are the primary guardian of a student currently attending Melissa Schools, you can expect to receive a letter in the mail on or around Sept. 10, 2021 with instructions on how to access and monitor your students grades and daily attendance online using the new Home Access Center (HAC). For families who are not new to Melissa ISD this year, the HAC is taking the place of the Parent Portal.

The letter that you receive will include the steps to take to activate your HAC account using a unique access code. Families with multiple students may receive multiple letters and/or access codes.

In conjunction with the mailed letter, we have added a "HAC" button to the top red bar on our website, which brings users to the HAC Support page.

  • The HAC Support page outlines the instructions that were communicated in the letter, as well as some known issues.
  • On the HAC Support page, you will find the HAC Help Form, which is the primary method parents and guardians should use to request assistance with technical issues regarding the HAC.
  • If you encounter problems while trying to access the HAC, please first visit the HAC Support page, and if your question is not answered there, please fill out the HAC Help Form to request assistance.
  • You can access the HAC Login and HAC Support links from the "Menu" tab on the Melissa ISD website and on each school website.

We are still in the process of migrating to this new platform; we ask for and appreciate your continued patience as we work through any technical issues that arise during this transition.