Bluebonnet Books

Earlier this month, 16 students from Harry McKillop Elementary and Sumeer Elementary were honored with a field trip to the Frisco Public Library for their outstanding achievement in reading all 20 books on the Texas Bluebonnet Book list.

These students participated in a tiered reward program based on the number of books they read throughout the year. Reading at least 5 books allowed them to vote for their favorite Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee. Reading 10 or more books earned them a spot at the Bluebonnet Brunch, where the award winner was celebrated at school. Those who read 15 or more books enjoyed all previous rewards plus an ice cream/popsicle party after the brunch. The ultimate reward, for reading all 20 books, was the field trip to the Frisco Public Library.

On May 14, the students who achieved this remarkable goal explored the Kid’s Club at the Frisco Public Library. The Kid’s Club is a vibrant learning space for children in kindergarten through 5th grade, featuring a variety of educational and STEM-focused activities. These include the Race Zone, Ball Wall, Robotics Arena, and microscopes, providing hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In addition to exploring the Kid's Club, the students had a special session with Terri Harkey, the Coordinator of the Bluebonnet program. She engaged them with a discussion about the latest Bluebonnet list and gifted each student a free book.

Congratulations to the students listed below, and a heartfelt thank you to Kaysi Manuel and Jennifer Eckert for their dedication in helping these Cardinals achieve such a significant milestone! Keep reading to grow, Cardinals!

Harry McKillop Elementary Students:

Third Grade:

  • Matthias Bashu

  • Markaeb Ephrem

  • Fatima Garcia

  • Nyla Izimba

  • Nithya Vemuri

Fourth Grade:

  • Everly Albritton

  • Matthew Canfield

  • Harper Graue

  • Siyona Muspetla

  • Gabrielle Robinson

  • Caroline Staples

  • Addison Sweeney

  • Skye Thompkins

  • Sloane Warrington

Sumeer Elementary Student:

Fifth Grade:

  • Addie Kailbourne