Over the past six weeks, the 5th grade Gifted and Talented (GT) students had the opportunity to learn in a STEAM education model through the Mars project. The goal of the program was to examine the outcomes of integrating arts, sciences, and other disciplines in classroom settings to enhance the educational experience for GT students.

At the beginning of the program, students completed a short pre-survey about their perceptions of creativity. They then embarked on a STEAM Mars project where they were tasked with designing a device to filter water on Mars. Through this project, students applied elements of art to critically think through a science-based problem. They collaborated effectively and successfully built a working model of their device. After completing the project, the students were able to present their model to their peers.

We extend our gratitude to Lucinda Presley, the lead investigator at the Institute where Creativity Empowers Education Success and the Innovation Collaborative, for leading this program and imparting valuable educational lessons in STEAM to our students. Additionally, a big thank you to Walter Perez, Executive Director of Campus Services, and Amanda Daniels, Melissa ISD GT Coordinator, for bringing this incredible opportunity to our Cardinals, and to our GT teachers, Holly Stinton and Macey Harter, for their dedicated work with our students throughout the year.