EKG Students

Melissa High School embarked on a new journey in the Health Sciences program this year partnering with Collin County Community College to begin an Electrocardiogram (EKG) program. This rigorous college-level program was offered to senior students as the capstone experience in the Health Science program in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department. Ten Melissa High School seniors began and completed the program, achieving their Certified Electrocardiogram Technician (CET) exam.

To qualify for the program, students must have completed all prerequisites at Melissa High School before they could begin the dual-credit EKG program at the start of their senior year. In addition to completing the four college courses at Melissa High School, students were required to complete ten successful live electrocardiograms in the Health Science Lab before continuing to the next level of hands-on learning.

In the spring, students were required to complete a battery of clinical requirements with the college courses. These students were expected, and required, to work a minimum of ten hours a week and maintain a grade point average of 80 or higher. Students worked with the district nurses who aided in providing real-world experiences for the high-achieving students.

As the final step to program completion, students took the national exam to become a Certified Electrocardiogram Technologist. The Melissa High School students achieved a 100% pass rate on the exam, surpassing the national pass rate average of 71.08%. Please join us in congratulating the following students on their successful completion of the EKG Certification program at Melissa High School:

EKG Certified Students:

Makayla Powell

Siya Shukla

Taylor Ortega

Kylie Gutierrez

Frida “Mariel” Cervantes

Mara Dooley

Hanyya Khan

Genevieve Chong

Natalie Nguyen

Mckayla George