Academic Banquet

Melissa High School proudly hosted its inaugural Academic Awards Banquet on Monday, April 29th, a celebration of the outstanding achievements of the Class of 2024. Distinguished attendees included students in the Top 10%, those with ACT scores over 30 or SAT scores over 1360, and medalists from UIL Robotics, SkillsUSA, and UIL Academics. Additionally, students had the privilege of recognizing an influential educator who has supported them on their academic journey.

Congratulations to these Cardinals for their hard work and dedication to academics! Melissa ISD is immensely proud of you and eagerly anticipates the great things you will accomplish in the future!

Class of 2024 - Top 10%

David Graham, Rylee Reddick, Genevieve Chong, Ezozakhon Ruziboeva, Ira Roy, Logan Ferrel, Madeline Garlin, Kolby Schulz, Claire Vanderhagen, Spencer Andersen, Tyler Mathieson, Georgia Branson, Cody Scanland, Candace Paul, Dawson Murakami, Avery Williford, Bailey Mullen, Ayo Dimkpa, Logan Tauch, Sadi Blackwell, Nicholas Bunim, Hanyya Khan, Jaxson Angleton, Ethan Hudgins, Alyssa Thompson, Alexis Ware, Luke Demel, Siya Shukia, Lilly Lebo, Kailey Hanks, Audra Thompson, Mason Alexander, Maria Haylow, Alyvia McClure, Jordy Vasquez, Macie Keever, Kylie Hutson, Jonathan Schaffner

ACT 30+

Mara Dooley, David Graham, Kailey Hanks, Avery Hornsby, Audra Thompson, Emerson Trevino, Claire Vanderhagen, Lelia Wormington

SAT 1360+

Olumide Ajayi, Spencer Andersen, Jaxson Angleton, David Graham, Ethan Hudgins, Hanyya Khan, Oliver Kurlinski, Tristan Mathieson, Tyler Mathieson, Candace Paul, Mohammad Rizvi, Ira Roy, Ezozakhon Ruziboeva, Kolby Schulz

UIL Robotics (Medaled at least once in high school)

Jaxon Angleton, Nick Bunim, Rigley Dababneh, Jason Harris, Kylie Hutson, Hanyya Khan, Oliver Kurlinski, Alex Luna, Landon Mortenson, Jordyn Owens

SkillsUSA (Medaled at least once in high school)

Jaxson Angleton, Kylie Hutson, Oliver Kurlinski, Tyler Mathieson, Hayden Maurer, Ira Roy

UIL Academics (Medaled at least once in high school)

Sadie Blackwell, Maria Haylow, Tyler Mathieson, Hudson Ross, Ira Roy, Bailey Thornburg, Riley Thornburg, Emerson Trevino, Meagan Tubbs, Alana Walukiewicz

Melissa ISD Staff Honored by Top 10% Students

Alex Whorton, Allie Berman, Brandon Dunn, Brittany Rosch, Bud Terrell, Cathy McKoy, Chris Mueller, Clay Singletary, Cole Kiefer, Collin Byrnes, Doug Bingman, Frank DePaolo, Hallie Venner, Israel Reyes, JD Clemmons, Jeff Fox, Katie Upton, Kenny Deel, Kyle Brenner, Lisa Blunt, Manny Avila, Megan Moore, Melanie Fox, Michael Hagood, Michelle Moore, Rick Gagarin, Ross Bundy, Ryan Hamilton, Trina Fender, Zach Hernandez