Intra-District Student Transfer Petition Guidelines

When reviewing petitions for intra-district student transfers, Melissa Schools will consider each request on an individual basis; however, the guidelines below are in place to ensure consistency in our process.

The transfer petitions will be considered by the Board’s designee within 30 business days of their receipt. Transfer petitions for residents that moved in after the due date will be accepted and considered on an individual basis.

Transfer Guidelines

  • Students will be assigned to a school in the attendance area in which he/she resides.

  • Due to the rapid growth in Melissa Schools, most requests for student transfers to campuses projected at 90% of capacity or greater will be denied unless significant extenuating circumstances exist.

  • Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, documented academic, legal, medical, psychological, or other special needs of students.

  • All authorizations for K-5 student transfers are for the current academic year only; petitions must be submitted annually. An approval for one academic year does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the same campus.

  • Sibling Transfers – Sibling status will not guarantee transfer approval. Requests to transfer to attend a school outside their attendance area with their sibling will be evaluated as all other requests.

  • Transfers for siblings of students who are placed in self-contained special education units that are not located on every campus will be considered for a hardship intra-district transfer.

  • A resident student whose parent or legal guardian anticipates moving into the assigned school attendance zone and provides evidence, such as a builder’s contract, earnest money contract, rental agreement, or a similar document, shall be admitted on a provisional basis of no more than one semester. If at the end of one semester, the parent or guardian is not actually residing within the assigned school attendance zone, the student shall be transferred to the campus within the resident attendance zone.

  • The student transfer can be revoked by the school or district administration if there is a violation of the attendance policy, and/or a violation of the Melissa School Student Code of Conduct (SCOC). Once a transfer has been revoked due to a student SCOC violation, the transfer benefit is no longer available for that individual student.

  • Transfer students will be responsible for providing transportation to and from campus.

To obtain a Melissa ISD Intra-District Student Transfer Petition Form, please email Walter Perez at