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Reading Initiative

At Melissa Schools, we “Grow Through the Pages”. Our students and staff developed a branded reading initiative in Fall 2016 with one goal: to encourage reading in all. Scroll down to see how the initiative has evolved and to learn about our reading projects. We hope you’ll join us as we #Read2Grow.

The Latest: Melissa Elementary Reading Festival | Nov. 7, 2019 | 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Annual Reading Events

Reading Festival Logo

Melissa Reading Festival

The Melissa Reading Festival is hosted at Harry McKillop Elementary and features a helicopter landing, live music, local vendors, reading performances, and classroom read-alouds and activities.

Learn More: Reading Festival

Read Under the Stars 2017

Read Under the Stars

Read Under the Stars invites families to read underneath the Melissa stars at Cardinal Stadium. The only requirement to enter the stadium is a book to read. Flashlights and glow-in-the-dark wristbands are given away to readers.

Learn More: Read Under the Stars

Reading initiative logo with students reading

Read Across America

Students and staff at Melissa Schools celebrate reading each year on March 2 as part of the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Learn More: Read Across America

#Read2Grow … Every Day

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About the Initiative

Over 30 students and faculty representing grades K-12 came together in November and December 2016 to develop a branded reading initiative for Melissa Schools.

The end goal of our district initiative is simple: promote and encourage reading in all. We aim to reach students, teachers, parents, and family and community members in Melissa, Texas and beyond as we spread our message.

Reading Initiative Logo

Our Brand

We used a collaborative approach as we developed our reading initiative brand. We held two meetings where students and faculty brainstormed and presented ideas, ultimately coming up with a universal logo and slogan that we feel will last over time.

We presented our brand to the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees on January 12, 2017.

Logo: A tree with green leaves, brown branches, and roots that connect to a red open book

Slogan: Grow Through the Pages

Hashtag: #Read2Grow

Student Participants

Sophia Alvarez, Landon Bartlett, Jossalyn Blake, Jack Clemans, Lleyton Costilla, Mikayla Coyner, Cooper Crawford, Alicia Enoch, Anna Gressett, Brooke Gorry-Pettit, Katie Hicks, Harkamal Kaur, Noah Lakey, Jonah Lanz, Aria Lewellen, Emily Madonna, Lauren Nager, Emma Piyakhun, Rylee Reddick, Rosie Ruiz, Abigail Schaffer, and Lydia Thompson

Faculty Mentors

Kim Boedeker, Lyssa Broach, Sharon Carroll, Jerad Castor, Maddie Coe, Christina King, Leanne Vargas, and Krissy Womack

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