Health Services

Contact Information

Melissa Withers, MSN, RN
Melissa ISD Lead Nurse & School Nurse for Melissa High School

Ashley Johnson, BSN, RN
Melissa Ridge Education Center
Sixth Grade Center
School Nurse

Sarah Howard, BSN, RN
Melissa Middle School (7th & 8th Grade)
School Nurse

Allison Wright, BSN, RN
Harry McKillop Elementary
School Nurse

Lisa Fowler, BSN, RN
North Creek Elementary
School Nurse

Mara Carlson, BSN, RN
Willow Wood Elementary
School Nurse

Health Services Guidelines

Procedures & Forms

Individual Health Plans

Individual Health Plans (Forms need to be completed for each applicable school year.)
The Melissa Schools Board of Trustees adopted and administers a policy for the care of students with a diagnosed food allergy at risk for anaphylaxis based on Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis developed by the commissioner of state health services. To access the complete guidelines document, please click on the link below.

Influenza Vaccination Clinics:

Melissa partners with Passport Health & Staying Healthy Medical Services to provide the flu vaccine and other common vaccines during clinics held in the fall. Please visit for more information on where you can obtain a flu shot, informational flyers/brochures, and educational activities for children on staying germ free and healthy during flu season.

Childhood Immunization Updates:

There have been updates in the requirements of childhood immunizations affecting different students of different ages. You can go to your child’s medical provider and/or to find out if your child has not met these requirements. If your child has not received the required immunizations at this time, please make sure you take him/her to your provider to be immunized prior to attending school. Bring proof your child has received these immunizations to the nursing office or to the front office.

Excerpt from the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook — 3.3.8 Immunization

Except as provided by the TEC, §38.001(c), a student is required to be fully immunized against certain diseases.[1]However, your district may admit a student provisionally if the student has begun the required immunizations and continues to receive the necessary immunizations as rapidly as medically feasible.[2] Except as provided by the TEC, §38.001(c), a student who is not fully immunized and has not begun the required immunization must not attend school. A homeless student may be admitted for 30 days pending initiation of vaccinations or receipt of vaccination documentation.[3] A student who is a military dependent or any student coming from another Texas school may be enrolled for 30 days pending transfer of immunization records.[4] 

For further information regarding immunization requirements, immunization exemptions, and immunization documentation, please contact the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) or see the following DSHS web page:

If you need assistance, the Texas Department of State Health Services of Collin County offers discounted and free services. Call 972-548-5532 for more information. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers free immunizations in the area as well. There is a schedule available at If you have questions about these changes for the upcoming school year, contact your campus RN directly.

Medication Administration

Forms must completed each school year, as applicable.


School Wellness policies are accessible in the Board Policy Manual.

Epinephrine Administration

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

What is a School Health Advisory council (SHAC)?
A SHAC is a group of individuals representing segments of the community, appointed by the school district to serve at the district level, to provide advice to the district on coordinated school health programming and its impact on student health and learning. The SHAC will assist the district in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the district’s health education instruction.

SHACs provide an efficient, effective structure for recommending age-appropriate, sequential health education programs, and early intervention and prevention strategies that can easily be supported by local families and community stakeholders.

Benefits of Having a SHAC:

  1. Addressing the health needs of students through the work of the SHAC, helps meet district performance goals and alleviates financial constraints.

  2. SHACs play an important role in communicating the connection between health and learning to school administrators, parents and community stakeholders.

  3. SHACs can help parents and community stakeholders reinforce the health knowledge and skills children need to be healthy for a lifetime.

SHAC Laws:

Every independent school system is required by law to have a School District Health Advisory Council; of which the majority of members must be parents who are not employed by the school district. Title 2, Chapter 28, Section 28.004 of the Texas Education Code details the specifics of this mandate.

Joining the Melissa ISD SHAC:

If you are interested in participating on the SHAC, please contact a member of the Melissa ISD Board of Trustees or Melissa Withers, MISD SHAC Facilitator, at

SHAC Meetings & Minutes: