Growth & Developments

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November 2022

Will Daniel selected as principal of Sumeer Elementary (to be located in the developing housing addition south of E. Melissa Rd. across from the Z-Plex).

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August 2021

Willow Wood Elementary opens.

May 2021

Community passes Melissa ISD bond referendum.

March 2021

The Melissa Arts Center opens.

February 2021

Board of Trustees calls school bond election for $400 million bond proposition.

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August 2020

Melissa ISD breaks ground on Willow Wood Elementary.

January 2020

Sixth Grade Center announced as part of Melissa Middle School expansion.

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November 2019

District shares development plans at Vision 2020 community update.

August 2019

Melissa Ridge Education Center opens.

Construction begins on new tennis courts.

February 2019

Special Programs hub moves into old middle school building.

December 2018

Board of Trustees establish goals for the district.

The Melissa Schools Board of Trustees works with school administrators to establish a set of goals for the district. The previous district goals were established in 2015.

August 2018

New school facilities open.

Melissa High School and North Creek Elementary officially open the doors at their new facilities, and Melissa Middle School opens at its new location.

June 2018

Nearly all staff begin the move to a new location within Melissa ISD.

In preparation for opening the new Melissa High School and North Creek Elementary facilities, the majority of classrooms, programs, and staff of Melissa Schools begin moving to a new location.

March 2018

Zoning boundaries released for Melissa elementary schools.

Templeton Demographics, an independent demographer contracted by Melissa Schools, provides a detailed map of the Melissa ISD elementary boundary lines, to go into effect starting with the 2018-19 school year.

February 2018

Melissa Schools Move information page is launched.

The Melissa Schools Move web page serves as an online resource to inform the community of key information regarding the 2018-2019 school reconfiguration.

Melissa Sports Facility opens with new baseball and softball fields.

The Melissa Sports Facility opens in partnership with the City of Melissa, featuring new school baseball and softball fields along with two city fields. The Melissa Sports, LLC also formed at this time, managing scheduling for the city and the schools. The sports facility would go on to host over 1,200 games from February to December 2018.

May 2017

Melissa ISD breaks ground on new Melissa High School facility.

Melissa Schools administration, staff, and board members join the community to officially break ground on the construction of the new Melissa High School facility.

November 2016

Stantec is hired to design North Creek Elementary.

The Board of Trustees unanimously approves the hiring of Stantec Architecture to design the North Creek Elementary facility.

April 2016

Bond presentations delivered to community organizations.

Presentations are delivered by community members to local organizations, with the goal of sharing facts about the upcoming bond election.

$150 million bond proposal passes with 87% favorable vote.

In the May 2016 bond election, Melissa ISD voters approve a $150 million bond proposal for construction, renovation, and land acquisition.

February 2016

Board of Trustees call school bond election.

After working closely with the needs assessment committee for three months, the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees calls a bond election with a proposal of $150 million.

January 2016

Community Task Force chair and co-chair present final report of district needs.

A final report is presented by the Community Task Force to the Board of Trustees, based on three months of research and findings by the community-led needs assessment committee.

November 2015

Needs assessment committee meets for the first time.

The Community Task Force, a community-led needs assessment committee, begins a three-month project of assessing the needs of Melissa Schools, planning for fast growth, and developing a comprehensive plan for the district. The task force includes 12 focus groups, each led by community members with staff and administrators available as resources.

October 2015

Cardinal Wing opens, providing additional classroom space.

The Cardinal Wing opens, providing eight additional classrooms with new furniture and technology. In the fall of 2018, the Cardinal Wing would begin housing select classes from the Melissa CTE program.

Maintenance and Transportation departments move into Operations Annex.

The Melissa Schools Maintenance and Transportation departments move into the Operations Annex building.