#DigitallyAware: Information for Navigating the Digital Age

Social Media Toolkit

We created a Social Media Toolkit to help inform Melissa ISD staff, students, and families about how social media functions in our everyday lives. Our hope is that this toolkit can serve as a resource for our community.

Featured in the Toolkit:

  • Definitions & Terminology

  • How Social Media Functions: Connection, Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Entertainment & Education

  • Decoding News

  • Your Social Media Experience: Six Ways to Shape Your Personal Experience with Social Media

  • The Role of Social Media at Melissa Schools

  • Further Reading for Adults & Teens

Social Media Soundbites

Our six Social Media Soundbites expand on the “Six Ways to Shape Your Social Media Experience” featured in the Social Media Toolkit. These soundbites can be used to evaluate and reflect on the role of social media in one’s life.