a photo of the Seussical Jr Musical cast
high school cheerleaders cheer from the sidelines at Cardinal Stadium
a decorative graphic advertising the Melissa High School Academic Expo
a graphic image advertising the early release dates and times for Dec. 16, 2022
a graphic image advertising early release dates for Dec. 16, 2022
Bird's-Eye News Logo
a graphic image advertising the Melissa High School's fall musical "Matilda"
a banner graphic advertising yearbook picture retakes at Melissa High School on Nov. 3, 2022
A graphic image advertising the on-campus PSAT on Oct. 12
a screenshot of the Texas Assessment Family Portal login screen
a high school A/V student wears a microphone head piece
image of high school students working in class
a graphic image of Melissa High School
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graphic image advertising "The Lost Boy" Public Performance
Melissa High School Fine Arts Signing Day Logo
Colorguard students stand in line ahead of a field performance