Melissa High School Choir Students Selected for UIL Region 25 Choir

Congratulations to four Melissa High School Choir students who performed in the Texas Music Educators Association and UIL Music Region 25 Choir on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023. These students were selected from over 900 students in Region 25 who auditioned for a spot in the choir.

Freshman Robin Davis and junior Noelle Pletcher were selected to perform with the Region Treble Choir, and freshmen Fallon Morris and Zeke Vest were selected to perform with the 9/10 Honor Choir. The students who auditioned had to learn advanced music and perform sight reading. After the audition was completed, the top 16 students from each voice part were chosen to perform in the advanced Region 25 choir. Melissa High Schools Choir was one of only four 5A schools that auditioned against 14 6A schools.