Student Parking Permits

All licensed students who wish to park on campus at Melissa High School during school hours are required to purchase a parking permit.

  • Student parking permits must be posted on the inside of the driver’s side car windshield above the registration sticker.

  • In order to purchase a parking permit, students must present their proof of insurance and driver’s license and complete the online application in order to purchase a permit.

  • Students are permitted to park only in student parking lots/spaces.

Parking Permit Regulations

By purchasing a parking permit, the student assumes the responsibility of driving a vehicle on campus and must abide by the rules and regulations listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Permit Pricing & Registration

$70 – Senior Parking Permit
(Reserved Painted Parking Space)

$30 – Regular Parking Permit
(Unreserved; Fall & Spring Semesters)

$20 – Mid-Year Parking Permit
(Spring Semester Only; After Jan. 1)

$10 – Replacement Fee
(If Lost/Stolen/Misplaced)

Step 1: Complete the Online Application

After reading the rules and regulations, the parking permit application must be completed online by the student using the student’s school email address (ending in

Step 2: Pay Your Parking Fee

Students must pay the parking fee in order to receive their parking permit. The fee can be paid online or by cash or check in-person at the Melissa High School main office.

Please do not pay for your permit online until after you have completed the online application.

The parking fee is non-refundable once the semester begins or if the parking permit is revoked. Students are responsible for safeguarding their permits. Student parking is not allowed in any staff designated areas, bus lanes, visitor parking, or any other non-student-designated areas during the school day. Temporary permits will only be issued to students who have purchased and displayed a Melissa High School parking permit.

After receiving a violation, the student must go to the Melissa High School main office within three (3) days to pay the $10 fine. Unpaid fines can result in a hold at registration, graduation, or any and all academic and extracurricular activities.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Parking Permit

Students who have completed the parking permit application will receive an email with a copy of their completed application. Students should monitor their school email for instructions on how to pick up their parking permit. Seniors will be contacted after July 25, 2022 with instructions on how to select their reserved parking spot on a first-come, first-served basis.