Parking Permits

All licensed students who wish to park on campus at Melissa High School during school hours are required to purchase a parking permit.

This parking permit must be posted on the inside of the driver’s side windshield, above the registration sticker. Students must present proof of insurance and driver’s license, and complete the online parking permit application, in order to purchase a permit.

Students are permitted to park only in student parking lots/spaces.

Parking Map

Melissa High School Arrival & Dismissal Traffic Flow Map

Click the image to view the Melissa High School Arrival & Dismissal Traffic Flow Map

Parking Permit Regulations

By purchasing a parking permit, the student assumes the responsibility of driving a vehicle on campus and must abide by the rules and regulations listed below.

General Rules & Regulations

Melissa High School does not have Open Campus during lunch. By no means can students leave the campus during lunch, even with a parent note or email. This is for the safety of students.

The student agrees to:

  • Purchase and display a parking permit for each vehicle I will be driving to campus on a regular basis.

  • Check out a temporary parking permit for any vehicle I will be driving to campus on a temporary basis (located in main office).

  • Maintain the speed limit of 5 MPH or below while on school grounds.

  • Refrain from loitering in the parking lot.

  • Be responsible for my car, its contents, and its use.

  • Be responsible if a passenger or a driver of my car breaks this agreement even if I am not in the car at the time of the infraction.

  • Park my car in an orderly manner in the designated STUDENT parking spaces.

  • Allow my vehicle to be searched in the event such a search is deemed necessary by school personnel or district contracted services.

  • Be currently licensed to drive in the State of Texas and have a current auto insurance policy.

  • Obtain a parking permit from the main office for each car brought on campus and display properly.

  • Have received decal application instructions and understand that parking permit will be placed above the registration sticker on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The student understands that failure to follow these rules and regulations will result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Verbal and/or written warning, with possible placement of orange sticker on window.

  • Boot on vehicle and/or fine.

  • Loss of driving privileges on the Melissa High School campus.

  • Vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

Student painting a Senior Reserved parking spot

Senior Reserved Parking

Seniors can purchase a Senior Reserved Painted Parking Space. Senior Parking Painting Days are scheduled ahead of each school year. All painted parking spots must follow the guidelines below.

  • Painting must be within the 4’x8′ guidelines.

  • Artwork must be approved by Mrs. Malone prior to painting. If your artwork has not yet been approved, please email the artwork to

  • Artwork must be of the approved picture and cannot include any offensive languages, pictures, or symbols.

  • If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be asked to paint over your space.

Parking Permit Registration

Step 1: Complete the Online Application

The parking permit application, linked below, must be completed online using the student’s school email address (ending in

Please be ready to provide the following required information when completing the online application:

  • Student Name

  • Student ID Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Driver’s License Number

  • License Plate Number

  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year & Color

  • Car Insurance Company

  • Car Insurance Policy Number

Step 2: Pay Your Parking Fee

Students must pay the parking fee in order to receive their parking permit. The fee can be paid online below, or by cash or check in person at the main office.

Please do not pay for your permit online until after you have completed the online application.

$70 – Senior Parking Permit (Reserved Painted Parking Space)

$30 – Regular Parking Permit (Unreserved; South Parking Lot)

$20 – Mid-Year Parking Permit (Spring Semester Only; After Jan. 1)

$10 – Replacement Fee (If Lost/Stolen/Misplaced)

Step 3: Pick Up Your Parking Permit

After completing the online application, the student must email Mrs. Malone at and provide the following information in order to complete the registration process:

  1. Copy of the completed parking permit application.

  2. Current proof of car insurance that lists the student’s car.

  3. Student driver’s license to verify expiration date.

  4. Payment for the parking permit, mailed by cash or check if not paid online.

Seniors who have completed registration for a reserved parking spot will be contacted via their school email after July 19, 2021 to select their reserved parking spot on a first-come, first-served basis.

The parking fee is non-refundable once the semester begins or if the parking permit is revoked. Students are responsible for safeguarding their permits. Student parking is not allowed in any staff designated areas, bus lanes, visitor parking, or any other non-student-designated areas during the school day. Temporary permits will only be issued to students who have purchased and displayed a Melissa High School parking permit.

After receiving a violation, the student must go to the main office within three (3) days to pay the $10 fine. Unpaid fines can result in a hold at registration, graduation, or any and all academic and extracurricular activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave campus for lunch?
Melissa High School does not have Open Campus during lunch. By no means can students leave the campus during lunch, even with a parent note or email. This is for the safety of students.

What happens if my student needs to drive two different vehicles to school?
Students will need to purchase a parking permit for each vehicle they will be driving to campus on a regular basis. In a temporary situation, students can get a temporary permit from the Melissa High School main office at no additional cost. The temporary permit must be turned back in on the assigned date, or the student will be charged a replacement fee.

What if I purchase a new vehicle? Will my student have to pay full price for another parking permit?
No, students can purchase a replacement parking sticker for a reduced fee, $10, as long as they turn in their original sticker.

Are there assigned parking spaces? Can I pay extra for my child to get a better parking space?
We only offer assigned parking spaces for seniors. Please make sure your student does not parking in a painted parking space.