Dual Credit

Program Overview

Melissa ISD students have the opportunity to take courses that provide both high school and college credit through a partnership between the district and the following institutions: Collin College, Texas State Technical College (TSTC), and the University of Texas-Austin. A variety of courses can be taken for dual credit based on student need and college course offerings.

For a full overview of all the opportunities offered, visit the Academic Planning Guide at www.melissaisd.org/apg. Dual Credit information starts on page 27.


Any other questions regarding Dual Credit can be directed to the Collin College Counselor, Mrs. Milca Pavlik at mpavlik@collin.edu or to your Alpha Counselor.

If you are having trouble logging into Canvas or your One Login, please contact the Collin College Student Help Desk at 972-377-1777 and ask to speak to a live representative.

Dual Credit Parent Meeting Video 2024

Academic Dual Credit

In addition to meeting all requirements for admission to the college, students' academic records must meet all the following criteria before enrolling in a Dual Credit course:

  1. a current GPA of 3.0 or higher;

  2. successful completion of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college entrance exam;

  3. passing grades in each semester of each course in the subject of the Dual Credit course.

Dual Credit Registration

Registration for Dual Credit is completed through two mandatory meetings. Follow the steps below to complete the registration process and download the Collin College Dual Credit Registration Checklist and Melissa High School Dual Credit Registration Timeline.

  1. Apply to Collin College by attending the first mandatory Dual Credit meeting. Counselors will be on hand to walk students through the application process.

  2. Turn in the Dual Credit Enrollment Permission Form during the second mandatory Dual Credit meeting. Students will turn in the permission form as well as go over the mandatory safety training and receive additional Dual Credit information.

  3. Take the TSI test (if needed).

  4. Once all the steps listed above have been completed, Collin College will register students for classes.

Dual Credit Guide for Students

Apply Texas Collin College for Fall 2024.

Dual Credit Presentation

Dual Credit PPT

CTE Dual Credit

Are you interested in enrolling in the dual credit Welding, Automotive Technology or HVAC program? For rising Juniors ONLY (2024-2025) Two-year program (must start as an 11th grade student). MUST BE in good academic standing as these courses will require 4 class periods. In the event of limited seating, MHS will use a lottery system to determine student placement.

  • Academic Standing

  • Attendance

  • Discipline

This course will take place on the Collin College Technical Campus. MISD will transport to and from campus (required). To learn more, please refer to the Dual Credit CTE Technical Programs Guide, or for more information, contact us:

Henslie Fournier, MHS CTE Counselor | HenslieFournier@melissaisd.org

Hallie Venner, MISD CTE Coordinator | HVenner@melissaisd.org