We Have Hope for Continued Growth, Understanding, and Unity

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Jun 2020
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At Melissa Schools, it is our responsibility to serve every student and empower them to reach their full potential, no matter their race, religion, gender, orientation, or ability. We do not condone acts of discrimination, hate, or violence against one another.

We listen to conversations that are important to our community. We recognize the prevalence of racial injustice, and the many facets of discrimination, in our nation’s history and in the present day. We also recognize that many people are hurting at this moment.

Our calling and most sincere desire at Melissa Schools is to serve our students with love and compassion, while centering our core values of honesty, humility, integrity, loyalty, and hope.

As our community navigates situations of conflict, we want our kids to feel that our schools are a safe place. Through building strong relationships, welcoming open dialogue, and education, we will nurture an atmosphere of continued growth, understanding, and unity.

If any of our students need someone to talk to about a difficult or hurtful experience, our school counselors and administrators are available to listen and offer guidance and resources.

Thank you for partnering with us. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve, support, learn from, and model for the young people of Melissa, Texas.

Media Contact:
Maddie Coe, Director of Communications

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