Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips
Dave Phillips was a volunteer coach at Melissa Schools for over 20 years. He helped start the Melissa Youth Sports Association in the 1980s and served as a Board of Trustees member. Dave later served as a teacher and coach for the district.

“Dave was a tremendous help for me for the 16 years that I coached,” wrote his nominator. “He was a great man of character and a role model for our students.”

Dave Phillips was inducted into the Wall of Honor on Sept. 23, 2016.

More about Dave Phillips from his nominator

In conjunction with serving on the School Board, Dave Phillips volunteered for over 20 years as a coach prior to his employment with the district. He did this while working full time for Delta Airlines.

Dave worked alongside Coach Kenny Deel to develop a middle school athletic program that was key to the future success what is today’s Melissa Schools Athletics program.

In the 90s, Coach Phillips started the North Texas Basketball League which served kindergarten through sixth grade athletes; it is now the Melissa Youth Sports Association or MYSA.

Dave was hired as a full time PE/Special Education teacher and coach in August of 2000.

During his time as a coach for Melissa, Dave was instrumental in keeping the athletic program successful at a time when it was in danger of becoming nonexistent.

Dave has been a tremendous part of our athletic programs here in Melissa. As a high school coach, he has been the Head Track Coach, Head Golf Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, and Assistant Baseball Coach.

Dave has seen the athletic program go from nearly nonexistent to winning a Texas State Championship in 2011.

Athletics aside, Dave enjoys movies and drama. He has participated in musicals for the district, including choreographing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”. He played the part of Elwood of the Blues Brothers and can play a mean harmonica.

Dave is a man of great character and a role model for our students. He has touched hundreds of kids’ lives throughout a span of five decades.

To sum up Dave, as another one of his nominators said, is to call him Mr. Melissa.

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