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Amy Burchett

Amy Burchett
Amy Burchett initiated a fundraising program to support the development of a playground at Melissa Ridge Intermediate and was a key person in establishing the Melissa Band Boosters. Most notably, Amy spearheaded the creation of a Special Olympics program for the district eight years ago, along with a Special Olympics Track Meet that has since become an annual event.

“Amy is a truly humble individual who serves where she sees a need, and when she knows she can help,” wrote her nominator. “She has spent countless hours devoted to making Melissa Schools a better place for students, staff, and community members. Through her efforts with the Special Olympics, Amy has forever changed the face of Melissa Schools.”

Amy Burchett was inducted into the Wall of Honor on Sept. 23, 2016.

More about Amy Burchett from her nominator

Amy Burchett has devoted countless hours to making Melissa Schools a better place for students, staff, and the community.

Amy doesn’t serve seeking praise or to get attention; she is a truly a humble individual who serves where she sees a need, and when she knows she can help.

Amy researched and initiated the “Box Tops for Education” program in Melissa.

When Melissa Ridge Intermediate needed a playground, Amy took it upon herself to find a way for the school to have the best and safest playground possible. She discovered a program called “Community Build” where community members came together to build a playground in one day. Overseeing a Community Build for each phase the MRI playground, Amy arrived at 5:30 a.m. with volunteer sheets, assignments, tools, and plenty of food. The playground built on that day is still enjoyed by Melissa students today.

She was one of the key persons who helped organize and establish the Melissa Band Boosters to provide financial and volunteer support for students and band directors.

When the Band Boosters merged with the athletics Booster Club, Amy represented the band on the Booster Board and even became the Secretary.

Amy was named Volunteer of the Year in 2013.

Amy’s greatest impact has been the Special Olympics program that she began nearly 10 years ago. Amy recognized that the district had a need for a Special Olympics program, and she stepped in and filled that need. Amy worked tirelessly with school administration, teachers, the City of Melissa, the fire and police departments, and numerous volunteers to ensure the success of Special Olympics Track Meet not only for that first year, but for the years to come.

Amy loves our school district and every student in it.

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