Wall of Honor

The Melissa Schools Wall of Honor recognizes former students, former staff, and community members who have positively and significantly impacted our schools and/or society in general. Through the Wall of Honor, we distinguish altruistic, high achieving individuals with a significant history.

Each honoree exemplifies the district’s vision and core values of Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Humility, and Hope.

Meet the Inductees

Selection Committee

Our Selection Committee will be comprised of:

  1. The Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent of Melissa Schools.
  2. Two members of the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees as appointed by the president of the school board.
  3. An Executive Director of Melissa Schools.
  4. Community members in Melissa selected by the Superintendent of Schools or their designee.

NOTE: Members of the selection committee will not be eligible for membership into the Wall of Honor during their tenure on the selection committee.

Nomination Qualifications

The Nominee Qualifications must be met in order for a Wall of Honor nominee to be considered by the Selection Committee.

Student Qualifications

Student Qualifications:

  • Nominee:
    • must be a graduate of Melissa Schools and have attended Melissa Schools for at least two (2) consecutive years.
    • must have exceptional achievement in their chosen field of endeavor at the local, state, or national level. These achievements may take the form of, but are not limited to, major awards; state, national, or international honors; appointment to high office; athletic and artistic achievements; business leadership; significant contributions to research and development; or extraordinary educational achievement.
    • must be of high character whose accomplishments have been recognized as significant, since their graduation, to Melissa Schools, the City of Melissa, or anywhere in society.
  • Nominee, or family member, is encouraged to attend the recognition festivities.
  • An individual may not nominate themselves.
Staff Qualifications

Staff Qualifications:

  • Nominee:
    • must have shown a vested interest in Melissa Schools during their tenure.
    • may not be currently employed with the district.
    • must be of high character whose efforts have contributed significantly to Melissa Schools.
  • Nominee, or family member, is encouraged to attend recognition festivities.
  • An individual may not nominate themselves.
Community Member Qualifications

Community Member Qualifications:

  • Nominee:
    • may or may not have been a graduate of Melissa Schools.
    • must be of high character and be an ambassador of Melissa Schools.
    • must have made a significant contribution which helped make Melissa Schools a better place for children.
    • must have an outstanding contribution to Melissa Schools through partnership, leadership, monetary contribution, and/or volunteer service.
  • Nominee, or family member, is encouraged to attend recognition festivities.
  • An individual may not nominate themselves.

Nomination Window: July 22 – Sept. 1, 2019

Submit A Nomination

Honoree Selection

The Selection Committee will review all nominations and make its selection by a majority vote. Each candidate must be nominated annually in order to be considered, i.e. if a candidate does not get selected, they must go through the full nomination process the following years.

Recognition Festivities

Each inductee is featured on the Wall of Honor at the Melissa Schools Home Office in addition to being recognized at a Melissa Cardinal football game at Cardinal Stadium. Honorees will also have the opportunity to go on a campus tour at Melissa Schools.


The 2018-19 Wall of Honor schedule is as follows:

  • July 22: Wall of Honor is Publicized; Nominations Open
  • Sept. 1: Nominations Due
  • September – October: Nomination(s) Reviewed by Selection Committee; Inductee(s) Selected and Notified
  • Oct. 18: Inductee(s) Recognized with Family at Cardinal Stadium

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