Thirty professionals visit Harry McKillop Elementary for Career Day


May 2017
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Harry McKillop Elementary welcomed 30 professionals Thursday morning for Career Day. Law enforcement officers, nurses, lawyers, school administrators, and city officials were some of the many professions represented.

Reuben Mankin, a Texas Ranger for the Texas Department of Public Safety, opened Career Day with a presentation in the school gym where he recalled key lessons he learned in school that he uses in his daily work. Mankin shared the importance of reading, communication, respect, and understanding different cultures.

Following Mankin’s presentation, students led each Career Day visitor to two assigned classrooms to talk about their own profession.

List of Career Day Participants

See the full list of Career Day participants and their professions below.

  • Reuben Mankin, Texas Ranger/Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Koby Newkirk, Construction/Superintendent Project Supervisor
  • Rachel Bruner, Tech Project Solution Analyst
  • Lynn Greenfield, VID DID ELS online teacher
  • Diego Santos Castro, Designate Support Engineer
  • Kerry Tegerdine, RN Labor and Delivery
  • Araceli Clifford, RN Nurse Surveyor
  • Scott Ochoa, Computer Guru and Video Producer
  • Bridegette Garcia, Veterinary Hospital Operations Director
  • Angela Sobol , Registered Radiologic Technologist
  • Matt Sobol, Firefighter
  • Amanda Weber, Registered Licensed Dietician/Diabetes Health Coach
  • Heather Martin, Archaeologist/Environmental Scientist
  • Stephanie Blake, Techno-Geek Owner of Social Sparrow
  • Freda Kelley, RN Vice President Clinical Services
  • Maggie Olvera, Police Officer
  • Mike Feemster, Police Officer
  • Miranda Crowder, Neonatal Nurse
  • George James, Realtor/School Board President
  • Amber Dotson, Mental Health Counselor
  • Brett Gustaveson, Teacher/Assistant Principal at Melissa Schools
  • Lindsay Ford, Electronic Medical Record Implementation Specialist
  • Barry Ford, Family Construction Business
  • Duke Sparks, Educator/Administrator at Melissa Schools
  • Jason Little, Melissa City Manager
  • Kelly Davidson, Police Chief at Melissa Schools
  • Zachary Spencer, Lawyer
  • Zevelyn Powell, Beekeeper/Retired Engineer
  • Stacey Piyakhun, UMC of Melissa Minister

Photo Gallery

See the photo gallery below for images from Career Day.

Media Contact: Maddie Coe, Community Relations

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