The Spotlight: Emily Christensen

Spotlight - Emily Christensen


Sep 2018
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The Spotlight is an ongoing feature where we showcase our leaders at Melissa Schools. Check back each week during the school year to meet someone new (or to get to know a familiar face).

This week’s spotlight shines on Emily Christensen, our Lead Educational Diagnostician in the Special Education department. Ms. Christensen has served Melissa Schools for three years. She was nominated for The Spotlight by Jenny Clark, Special Education Director.

Emily’s Fun Facts:

  • My husband and I have two beautiful children; one of which is a Kinder Cardinal at Harry McKillop Elementary.
  • I love enjoying the outdoors.
  • I’m a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to work in education?

Emily: I grew up in a family of educators, so some would say that I was destined to be involved in education. Although I tried to deny it for awhile, in college was when I knew that working in education was my dream.

What is your favorite lesson to teach, or what is your favorite part of your job?

Emily: My favorite part of my job is working with families, students, and teachers in order to find a way to make everyone’s lives a little better.

Which of our core values do you connect with the most and why?

Emily: I feel as if Integrity encompasses so many of the core values. Trying to live as a person of integrity takes honesty, humility, and loyalty. In my position, integrity is vital to build and maintain the relationships needed in order to complete my job.

What is the best part about being a Melissa Cardinal?

Emily: I have absolutely loved the tight-knit community that is willing to do whatever it takes in order for all kids to succeed.

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