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Sep 2018
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On Twitter, you will find many of our teachers showcasing student excellence and supporting each other’s efforts every day. Take a look at our featured tweets below to see what we mean.

For more from Melissa Schools, follow our main Twitter accounts listed at the bottom of this post.

Then, check out each school’s hashtag for a collective of tweets and a further glimpse at the joy we strive for our students to experience at school. “It’s a special time in a special place.”

High School Theatre Excercise

Getting to Know Our Classmates

Leadership in Action

#Read2Grow Every Day

5th & 4th Grade Collaboration

Homecoming Week: Coming Soon

Middle School Library Orientation

Spanish II SMART Board Race

Saving Fred in 3rd Grade Science

For a list of all Melissa Schools teacher and program Twitter accounts, see our Twitter Network Directory.

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