Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Nesbett, Melissa Ridge Intermediate


Sep 2016
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The Teacher Spotlight is a weekly piece where we feature our leaders at Melissa Schools. Check back each Monday during the school year to meet a new teacher!

This week’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Angela Nesbett from Melissa Ridge Intermediate, nominated by Principal Tami Hayes. Ms. Nesbett teaches fourth grade math and science and this is her third year in Melissa.

Learn more about Ms. Nesbett below!

Fun Facts:

  • I am an Arkansas born and raised girl and love those Razorbacks! Go Hogs!
  • My favorite places are the lake and the beach.
  • I have a very close knit family, and they are my most treasured asset.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher?

My original degree is in business, and I spent 11 years in lending. I call that my prior life! For many of those years, I felt like I wanted to become a teacher and always considered going back to school to receive my teaching certification. When I moved from Arkansas to Texas in 2006, I decided if it was ever going to be the time, this was it. So, here I am almost ten years later living out that calling!

What is your favorite lesson to teach?

I love teaching math! Working with numbers has always made sense to me, and math classes were always my favorite in school. I love the detail that goes into it, and enjoy presenting lessons to students that makes working with numbers make sense to them too!

What is your favorite Core Value and why?

I really love all of them. If I have to choose one though, it would be HOPE. A lot of my life has been built around that value, and I believe it has a huge part in the person I am today. HOPE is what keeps us going every day. It is what drives us as educators to believe that every student is capable of anything. HOPE is believing that even when things look dim, there is always light!

What is the best thing about being a Cardinal?

The best part of being a Cardinal is being able to use our core values and teach the whole child. I have always felt that one of my favorite parts about being a teacher is when I am able to teach my students life lessons. Focusing on our core values throughout the district brings that to life and gives me an opportunity to help make a difference!

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