Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Achimon, Melissa Middle School


Oct 2016
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The Teacher Spotlight is a weekly piece where we feature our leaders at Melissa Schools. Check back each Monday during the school year to meet a new teacher!

This week’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Maghan Achimon from Melissa Middle School, nominated by Principal Jim Miller. Ms. Achimon teaches 6th and 7th Grade Math and this is her second year in Melissa.

Learn more about Ms. Achimon below!

Fun Facts:

  • I have run five half marathons (13.1 miles!).
  • Baby Achimon will be here in April 2017!
  • The theme for my 10th birthday party was Texas A&M. #gigem

When and why did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher?

I have always wanted to be a teacher! I used to make my little brother play “school” with me. We had a white board set up in our room, and I would give him “homework” to work on after the “lesson”.

What is your favorite lesson to teach?

I love teaching financial literacy! It is real world applicable, and most of the time, students come with some previous knowledge, because they’ve heard their parents talking about it. One of my favorite quotes ever from a student came during a lesson over calculating interest rates on credit cards, and they said, “Why would anyone ever use a credit card? They’re so dangerous!” Sometimes kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

What is your favorite Core Value and why?

My favorite core value is “humility” because none of us deserve the blessings we have been given. We, as humans, are inherently flawed, but through grace and humility, we are given endless opportunities to improve every single day.

What is the best thing about being a Cardinal?

The best thing about being a Cardinal is the community. This is not just a town but a family. When one of us is struggling, others are there with encouraging words, to lend a hand, offer support, etc. so that no one has to go through hardship alone.

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