Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Gross, Harry McKillop Elementary


Mar 2016
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The Teacher Spotlight is a weekly piece where we feature our leaders at Melissa Schools. Check back each Monday to meet a new teacher!

This week’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Roxanne Gross from Harry McKillop Elementary, nominated by Principal Leanne Bush. Mrs. Gross teaches 2nd Grade, and this is her fifteenth year in Melissa.

Learn more about Mrs. Gross below.

Fun Facts:

  • I love to garden.
  • I met my husband at work.
  • I love The Big Bang Theory.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher?

I took a detour from classroom teaching and worked with adults in training and development, and later as administration at a community college. After I had children and watched them learning I knew I wanted to work with other children, helping them to learn and develop.

What is your favorite lesson to teach?

I love to teach science. All children are naturally curious and love to explore, investigate, and experiment.

What is your favorite Core Value and why?

My favorite Core Value is loyalty. Everything we do is done with the best interest of the student in mind. That is why we are here.

What is the best thing about being a Cardinal?

Without a doubt, the best thing about being a Cardinal is the whole package that it brings. Our community supports us, our local businesses support us, and we support each other. We are a very close community and it shows in so many ways.

Roxanne Gross

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