Teacher Spotlight: Coach Pitzer, Melissa High School


Feb 2016
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The Teacher Spotlight is a weekly piece where we feature our leaders at Melissa Schools. Check back each Monday to meet a new teacher!

This week’s Teacher Spotlight shines on Kelley Pitzer from Melissa High School, nominated by Principal Mike Carter. Coach Pitzer teaches English I, English III, and English IV, and coaches soccer. This is his second year in Melissa. He hopes to make Melissa High School the last school he teaches at during his career.

Learn more about Coach Pitzer below.

Fun Facts:

  • I have three daughters; Bailey (20), Mia (7), and Lynlee (3). Because of the age differences of my daughters, it is certainly keeping me young.
  • I love coaching soccer because I get to see these young men and women build together as a unit and perform at a level they may not achieve otherwise.
  • I truly love what I do for a living and I cannot see myself in any other career. I hope all of my students will realize that doing what you love is better for the heart and soul than settling for a ‘job’.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to become a teacher?

I knew I wanted to be a teacher while I was in high school. I was lucky enough to have some great teachers in high school and in college and it solidified my decision to become an educator

What is your favorite lesson to teach?

My favorite lesson to teach would be the study of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. This novella teaches lessons from history which still apply today.

What is your favorite Core Value and why?

I feel my favorite, or most valuable Core Value, would be integrity. I feel that if a person has integrity, they will prosper in all aspects of life.

What is the best thing about being a Cardinal?

The best aspect of being a Cardinal is the attitude of the district. The positive attitude which comes from being a Cardinal, in the classroom and during extra-curricular activities, shows through the community and resonates through everyone who is able to call themselves a Cardinal.

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