Students enjoy reading projects through the Melissa Ridge Intermediate & Middle School Library


Jan 2016
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Great things are happening at the Melissa Ridge Intermediate and Melissa Middle School Library in January and February, through new reading projects offered by librarian Cari Montgomery.

Texas Bluebonnet Voting

January Reading Incentive, Grades 4-5

Students that read at least five of the 20 Bluebonnet Book Award Nominees for 2015-16 were invited to a Bluebonnet voting party on Friday, Jan. 22. They entered with their reading logs, received a voter card and a voting sticker after voting, and enjoyed some water and popcorn for a job well done. MRI’s winning book was The Hero’s Guide to Saving our Kingdom by Christopher Healy. All student votes were sent electronically to the Texas Library Association. The TLA will generate and share the official results.

If you liked the Movie, you’ll love the Book

February Reading Incentive, Grades 4-8

Students are encouraged to read a book that has been made into a movie. When they complete the book, they are asked questions by Mrs. Montgomery about their book. Students who participate in this reading incentive will receive a ticket that goes into a drawing to win free movie items, such as popcorn, coke, and candy. Winners will be announced, Monday, Feb. 29.

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