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Carpool Procedures

First Day of School: Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019.

Instruction: Begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:17 p.m.

Morning Carpool: Two lines beginning at 7:15 am. Carpool will close down at the entrance to campus at 7:40 a.m. Students arriving after 7:40 a.m. will enter with a parent through the front office.

With safety in mind, carpool procedures take effect on the first day of school at North Creek Elementary. The following information will be available on the student’s desk during Meet the Teacher.

Windshield Stickers

NCE Carpool Sticker

Each child has been assigned a carpool number that will remain the same during their time as a student at North Creek Elementary. Each family will receive ONE (1) windshield sticker per child that features the child’s number. This sticker must be placed on the car windshield, on the passenger side, in the bottom corner.

  • Stickers are not easily reproduced and are designed to maximize safety during carpool.
  • Please make sure that the sticker is fixed to the windshield with no obstructions.
  • No extra Window Stickers will be given out. If you sell your car, be sure to remove the sticker from the windshield.
NOTE: If your family has more than one child at North Creek Elementary, all children will be assigned the same number.

Mirror Tags

NCE Carpool Tag

Additionally, each family will receive TWO (2) mirror tags per child that feature the child’s number. This tag can be used in the event that the car with the sticker is not being used in carpool. It can also be given to a friend or family member who is picking up the child.

  • Tags are not easily reproduced and are designed to maximize safety during carpool.
  • Tags that are photocopied or reproduced in any way will not be accepted.
  • No extra mirror tags will be given out. Please keep the tag in a safe place.
  • SAFETY TIP: Remove the carpool tag while driving outside of carpool pick-up.

No Sticker/Tag = No Carpool Pickup

The child’s number on a sticker or tag will be the ONLY acceptable identifier during carpool. If there is no sticker or tag present during carpool, you will be required to report to the front office to be identified before picking up your child.

Lost/Misplaced Numbers

Please exercise caution. If a sticker or tag is compromised in any way, please let the school know immediately.


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