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What is S.O.A.R?

S.O.A.R. is a group that meets to discover ways to make Melissa Ridge Intermediate School even better. Students are required to meet after school at least one time per month. Meetings may be increased based on needs of the group. S.O.A.R. is open to any student in grades 4-5.

How will S.O.A.R be structured this year?

  1. School Spirit Committee: Students will focus on increasing school spirit.
  2. Reading Club: Students will meet weekly to share the joy of reading.
  3. Art Club: Students will create art projects, ornaments for the MISD Christmas tree, and complete a community service project.
  4. Chess Club: Students learn the fundamentals for the game of chess while interacting with other students.
  5. Math Club: Students will learn number sense and tricks to becoming great mathematicians.
  6. Engineering Club: Students who complete a project to join will work on Rockets to the Rescue in 4th and Design Futuristic Cities in 5th. This club will begin in January.
  7. Maker-Space Club: Students will lead other students and work cooperatively to solve various challenges, tinker, and create crafts.
  8. Music Club: Students will learn music memory and have performance based opportunities.
  9. School News Committee:  Students will work together to get important information out to students through a variety of methods.
  10. Yearbook Club: Members will assist with taking pictures and designing the MRI yearbook.
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