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Parking Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave campus for lunch?

Melissa High School does not have Open Campus during lunch. By no means can students leave the campus during lunch, even with a parent note or email. This is for the safety of students.

What happens if my student needs to drive two different vehicles to school?

Students will need to purchase a parking permit for each vehicle they will be driving to campus on a regular basis. In a temporary situation, students can get a temporary permit from the Melissa High School main office at no additional cost. The temporary permit must be turned back in on the assigned date, or the student will be charged a replacement fee.

What if I purchase a new vehicle? Will my student have to pay full price for another parking permit?

No, students can purchase a replacement parking sticker for a reduced fee, $10, as long as they turn in their original sticker.

Are there assigned parking spaces? Can I pay extra for my child to get a better parking space?

We only offer assigned parking spaces for seniors. Please make sure your student does not parking in a painted parking space.


Questions regarding student parking permits can be directed to Mrs. Malone.

Venus Malone
Receptionist, Melissa High School

Phone 972-837-4216


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Phone 972-837-4216
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