School Delays & Closures – Bad Weather

The district will make every effort to notify parents of an unexpected school delay or closure as early as possible, with careful consideration of the safety of students, parents/guardians, staff, and notably, our bus drivers.

Note: The district will not send out a notification if schools are open and operating as usual.

Methods of Communication

Official Website & Social Media

A delay or closure notification will be posted on the home page at and shared on the district’s official Twitter account (@MelissaISD) and official Facebook page (Melissa ISD).

Email / Text / Call to Parents

A notification will be communicated to parents and guardians by email, text, and/or phone call through our district messaging system. To ensure that you receive districtwide and schoolwide notifications, please keep your contact information (email address and/or phone number) current in Parent Portal.

Local News Media

Additionally, the district will communicate delay and closure information to local television networks such as WFAA8/ABC, CBS11 DFW, NBC5, and FOX4 for their website listings and broadcasts.

This communication process applies to any unexpected school delay or closure at Melissa Schools.

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