Valuing Our Potential | 2020 District Portfolio

Our 2020 Executive Portfolio was a collaborative effort designed by the administrative team at Melissa Schools.

The portfolio was presented to the Melissa Schools Board of Trustees on Jan. 11, 2021. The 50-page book showcases the growth, people, and programs at Melissa Schools in conjunction with our vision for 2020-2021: Valuing Our Potential. We invite you to view the portfolio by browsing the digital flipbook below. You will also find a printed copy of the portfolio in the front office of each school and in the reception area at the Home Office.

NOTE: The portfolio flipbook may take a few minutes to load. Desktop users can use the icons at the bottom to zoom in and out, navigate the pages, and adjust sound and brightness. Mobile users may prefer to view the PDF from the direct link below.

View the 2020 Portfolio Book PDF

Portfolio Flipbook

Portfolio Archive

Below are links to our district portfolios from previous years.

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