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1. Why is the calculated average different than the posted average?

In some circumstances, the posted grade is different than the calculated average. During the process of reporting progress report grades, the calculated grade and posted grades could appear different. When this occurs, the calculated grade is the current grade average for that course; the posted grade is the grade will be reported on the progress report. The posted average is the official grade that appears on the report card or progress report. (Page 25 Parent Portal Training Guide)

2. How are grades calculated?

The grade calculation formula differs for each campus. Please contact the campus principal for this information.

3. Will parent portal allow the attachment of the class syllabi?

Yes. If the teacher has provided contact information, office hours, and/or other notes, a yellow note icon appears beside the teacher’s name. The parent can click on this icon to view the information. Attaching syllabi inside txConnect is at the discretion of the teacher. (Page 20 Parent Portal Training Guide)

4. How often is the parent portal locked for student reports (progress reports) or system updates? Is this schedule posted?

Student progress reports are issued twice within each nine week grading period. While progress reports are being created, the calculated average could differ from the posted average.

We do not always know when system updates will be released for txConnect, however we will always post on the website and social media outlets when we expect the system to be down for more than fifteen minutes.

5. Can an unofficial high school transcript be viewed on the parent portal?

No, please contact the high school registrar for an unofficial transcript.

6. Are high school credits listed on the parent portal?

Credits can be viewed for current year semester grades. For credits in previous year classes, contact the high school registrar for an unofficial transcript. (Page 27 Parent Portal Training Guide)

7. Is high school class rank available on the parent portal?

No. Class rank is maintained by the high school counseling staff.

8. Why are medical absences marked as other types of absences?

The Texas Education Agency has reserved the absence code of “M” for absences in which a student is temporarily absent because of a documented appointment for the student with a health care professional. To be considered temporarily absent, the student must begin classes or return to school on the same day of the appointment.

Full day absences resulting from documented appointments with health care professional are excused and coded as “A”.

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