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As a reminder, below are the procedures for parents and guardians visiting our campus to eat lunch with a student. This information can also be found in our weekly newsletter that goes out every Friday.

  • In an effort to welcome more parent/guardian visitors to eat with their students at lunch, we will be hosting "Lunch on the Lawn" later this month, with grade-level family picnics scheduled on specific dates - more information will be shared soon.
  • We will continue to welcome a limited number of parents/guardians to eat lunch with their students; a sign-up is required using the link that is included in the Birdie's Buzz newsletter each Friday.
  • Lunch visitor sign-ups are first come, first served, and are organized by the McKillop Elementary PTO.
  • You may bring an outside lunch for your child only. You are not permitted to bring food for other students.
  • Students and parents/guardians will sit at a designated location in the cafeteria. When weather permits, the tables outside in the courtyard are available for use as well.
  • A student may eat lunch with their visiting parent/guardian, but they are not permitted to invite friends to sit with them. This is a special time designated for families.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos that feature students who are not your own.
  • Important Note: Visitors are not allowed on campus during the state testing window from May 10-20, 2022.