North Creek Elementary sponsorship program raises over $2,100 in new books


Nov 2019
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Pictured above: Students at North Creek Elementary show the books they selected as part of the fall 2019 book fair sponsorship program.

The second annual fall book fair sponsorship program at North Creek Elementary raised over $2,100 last month, providing new books to students while building teachers’ classroom libraries.

According to librarian Stacy Branam, the program is set up to 1) help teachers expand their classroom libraries, 2) grow students’ interest in reading, and 3) support the school library. Contributors could sponsor a teacher for a $30 donation, a student for a $15 donation, or one of each for $45. The sponsorships were then awarded to students and teachers, and were used to purchase new books directly from the book fair.

This fall, every teacher at North Creek Elementary received a sponsorship award, along with 45 students who were selected at random to receive a award. Each teacher was able to purchase $40 worth of books that fit the specific needs of their classroom. The students could purchase a book of their choice, or multiple books, using their $15 award.

“It’s really just families who are being generous and kind,” said Branam. “I wanted to make sure all the donations went right back to the students and teachers.”

The group of 45 students represented a variety of grade levels, reading levels, and interests; this was a unique opportunity for the students to select a new book that appealed specifically to them.

“I think some of the students that received the $15 felt that freedom of, ‘I get whatever is going to work for me!’ and they would get really excited to choose whatever book interests them. It had a positive impact: a lot of the students thanked me and said, ‘This is so great!’ – I wish I could do that for every kid.”

The North Creek Elementary book fair sponsors included: J. Evans Money Management, Jillian Best, The Robinson Family, Wally, The Hamelers, 3 Bees Apiary, The Cox Family, Charlotte Smith, Zoey Bennett, Reid Travis, The Prince Family, The LaCore Kids, Ray and Kathy Rehberg, Skylar Rue, Niki Stinde, Grandma Sherman, The Carr Family, and a number of anonymous donors.

McKillop Book Fair: Nov. 4-8, 2019

Ursula Lancaric, librarian at Harry McKillop Elementary, is following Stacy Branam’s lead this year by adopting the book fair sponsorship program. The Harry McKillop Elementary fall book fair opens Monday, Nov. 4 and will run through Friday, Nov. 8. Those interested in sponsoring or volunteering can contact Ms. Lancaric at

Melissa Reading Festival: Nov. 7, 2019

2019 Melissa Reading Festival Banner

Banner advertisement for the Fall 2019 Melissa Elementary Reading Festival.

The Melissa Reading Festival is scheduled for this Thursday, Nov. 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., hosted at Harry McKillop Elementary. This annual community event features reading activities, guest authors and illustrators, performances, food vendors. Follow the links below for additional information.

Follow the Melissa Elementary School Libraries

For updates from the Melissa elementary school libraries, follow Stacy Branam on Twitter at @NCECardsLibrary and Ursula Lancaric on Twitter at @HMECardinalNest. The community can search the #Read2Grow hashtag on Twitter and visit to learn about the ongoing reading initiative at Melissa Schools.

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