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#MelissaKind: Melissa Schools celebrates Kindness Week, May 16-20


May 2016
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Melissa Schools celebrates its second annual Kindness Week beginning Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20 – that’s next week!

Reed Greer, Melissa City Mayor, signed and sealed an official proclamation declaring May 16-20 a Week of Kindness for the City. If you visit us next week, look for the proclamation on display at each of our schools and the Home Office.

The Kindness Week Proclamation reminds us that:

  • Respect, dignity, compassion, and humility are essential in creating and maintaining a civilized society.
  • We hold the power of kindness within us.
  • In using our power of kindness, we can create a ripple effect.
  • Everyone can make a difference in our community and our world.
  • Through random acts of kindness, we can help to make our community a better place, and ourselves and those around us better people.
  • We all can cultivate caring, kindness, and compassion within our community through Random Acts of Kindness.

Our students and faculty plan to honor Kindness Week each day next week through Random Acts of Kindness – and some have already begun.

Check our blog next week for updates on Kindness Week activities happening around campus. Follow our activities and join in on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #MelissaKind.

We can all be leaders in kindness.
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