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Melissa Schools Police Chief reports suspicious person and activity


Feb 2016
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On Feb. 3 at about 4:15 p.m, a Melissa ISD student reports the following.

A white female sixth grade student was riding her bicycle near Highway 5 and Melissa Ridge Intermediate School. She states that a vehicle pulled up to her and asked if she wanted a ride.

The vehicle is described as a “clean metallic brown pickup” with “one wheel that was black and did not match” (possibly a spare). The driver is described as an “older white male, long white beard, bald, with dark sunglasses”. He asked her several times to get in and he would put her bike in back and take her home. When she refused he went south on Highway 5.

Anna Police are working an incident with a person of similar description. The vehicle he was driving was a green mini-van.

If you have any information regarding this suspicious person and activity, please contact Melissa Schools Police Chief Kelly Davidson at

For more information: Contact Maddie Coe, Community Relations.

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