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Melissa Middle School newspaper re-launches with new design, editorial staff

Melissa Middle School newspaper students


Oct 2018
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The Melissa Middle School journalism class has re-launched the school’s online publication, the MMS Times, with a new design, a new editorial staff, and a new issue.

Issue 34, released on Oct. 15, features 15 pages of content reflecting the culture of Melissa Middle School and other topics of interest to students, produced by a team of 22 journalism students. Digital arts students, also known as the “MMS Multimedia Team”, contribute graphic designs to advertise upcoming school events.

Journalism students work on the school newspaper

Maddison Alldredge works with fellow journalism students on the school newspaper

Eighth grade student Maddison Alldredge is the editor-in-chief of the MMS Times. This is her first year leading the staff. Her primary responsibilities include writing stories, editing grammar and punctuation, and reviewing the layout of the paper.

“It’s been really exciting being a leader of the team,” said Alldredge. “It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’ve got a great team and they’re all hard workers.”

Sienna Ayyad, Kensey Clipperton, and Alana Walukiewicz are the managing editors. There are three copy editors and 15 staff writers and photographers.

The MMS Times initially launched in September 2016 under the direction of Louise Hickey, who served as the journalism adviser for two years while also directing the middle school theatre program, the MMS Performing Arts.

This year, while Ms. Hickey continues to direct the MMS Performing Arts, Samantha Yarbrough serves as the Melissa Middle School journalism adviser, who leads the production of the MMS Times and the school yearbook.

“My students and I are eager to keep building on to the foundation that Ms. Hickey and her previous staff members have laid for our journalism program,” Yarbrough said. “Moving forward, we are striving to increase readership for the MMS Times and working on new ways to engage our school community.”

MMS Times Banner

Banner advertising the MMS Times

The next issue of the MMS Times is scheduled to come out this week. The newspaper can be read online at New issues will be shared on the Melissa Middle School social media pages and on the MMS Times Twitter account, @TheMMSTimes.

Media Contact:
Maddie Coe, Community Relations

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