Melissa ISD moves into next phase of Bond Election


Jan 2016
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Melissa ISD has worked closely for the last three months with its Community Task Force committees to assess the district’s unique needs and prepare for fast growth.

Each of the twelve Task Force committees, consisting primarily of Melissa community members, conducted private assessments and proposed a list of valued priorities to the district. Task Force Chairman Tim Kocsis will present an official recommendation based on these assessments to the Melissa ISD Board of Trustees at the next Board meeting this Thursday, Jan. 21.

It has been determined that the MISD Board of Trustees has made the decision to move forward in selecting a new Melissa High School as the district’s next building project.

The MISD Board of Trustees will hold their monthly meeting this Thursday, Jan. 21 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Melissa Schools Home Office at 1904 Cooper Street.

For updates on this initiative and the upcoming Bond Election, please visit

For more information, contact Maddie Coe, Community Relations.

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