Melissa ISD and City Council converge at Joint Leadership Forum


Jan 2016
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MELISSA, TX – Melissa ISD administrators and the MISD Board of Trustees met with Mayor Reed Greer and the City Council Monday night for a Joint Leadership Forum.

This special meeting brought together two of the largest entities in Melissa, Texas, with a focus on leadership and unity as they relate to the impending rapid growth of the city.

Superintendent Keith Murphy led school and city representatives in discussions about the evolution of leadership, and the importance of working as a team, in order to maintain the solid foundation of Melissa even as its radius expands.

“We all come from different places, but at the end of the day, we know we have to work together,” Murphy said Monday. “We are both on the same path of growing. We’re all leaders.”

Mayor Reed Greer posed the question, “How do we get away from being just average?” His answer: the city and district working together, resulting in mutual growth.

All representatives divided into small groups to brainstorm a common vocabulary and value statement, to be condensed and polished and used as a unifying guide moving forward. Suggested themes included: strength, courage, coordination, communication, hope, and patience.

Thoughts of convergence, purpose, and anticipation made up closing remarks at the meeting’s end. Murphy said, “We want to work toward well-defined, desired outcomes and quality, and set a vision and a path forward.”

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Robert Rich commented on the quality of common thinking between the two visioning boards of Melissa. He added, “People come to Melissa because they see hope for their families.”

Melissa Board of Trustees member Bill Gray concluded, “Whenever there’s unity, you always do well.”

Melissa ISD representatives included Board of Trustee President George James, Secretary Paul Anderson, and Board members Russell Cox, Jason Granger, and Bill Gray; Superintendent Keith Murphy; Deputy Superintendent Dr. Robert Rich; and Executive Directors Kim Boedeker, Sharon Carroll, Kenny Deel, and Lance Rainey. City of Melissa representatives included Mayor Reed Greer; Mayor Pro-tem Julie Anderson; City Council members Sharon Weideman, Nicco Warren, and Jason Kaiser; and City Manager Jason Little.

For more information, contact Maddie Coe, Community Relations.

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