Melissa High School student to attend Congress of Future Medical Leaders


Mar 2016
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Melissa High School student Karrington Lewis has been selected to represent her school and the State of Texas at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston, Mass. this summer.

Lewis was recognized for her outstanding academic record, leadership potential, and desire to contribute to the medical profession by becoming a physician or medical scientist.

A junior at Melissa High School, Lewis maintains a 3.7 GPA while training year-round for track. She currently holds the 100-meter and 200-meter dash records in Melissa.

Lewis has attended school in Melissa since second grade, and while her passion is sports, she says she also enjoys science and hopes to become a physician, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist.

“I was definitely shocked to receive this nomination because I had never heard of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders,” Lewis said. “But it’s really exciting and I do plan to attend.”

At this three-day event, Lewis will have the opportunity to meet with Nobel Prize winners and other award-winning young inventors and scientists, as well as view a surgery and submit questions to the surgeon to be answered during the procedure.

At the close of the Congress, all nominees will receive the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders will be held this June 25-27 in Boston.

For more information: Contact Maddie Coe, Community Relations.

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