Melissa High School Student Council reaches peers through “Heart” project

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Feb 2017
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A key element of the Student Council’s mission at Melissa High School is to promote unity and celebrate students.

On Valentine’s Day this year, the council unveiled “Melissa High School Has Heart” – a wall display of over 750 paper hearts with positive written messages for every student at school.

The “Heart” project was a collaborative effort from all 24 students in the council, with the end goal of reaching their peers in a unique, feel-good way.

The group met weekly during mega lunch for six weeks to organize and execute the project, and ensure that each student on campus was represented with a personalized heart.

Melissa High School Has Heart Wall Close-Up
Melissa High School Has Heart Wall

“We had to make sure the messages were authentic,” said Student Council Sponsor Jennifer Cowgill. “We passed around a list of students to see who they knew to write about, and if someone didn’t know, we found somebody that knew that person.”

The messages are specific to each student, but are presented anonymously.

Student Council President Lauren Brown, and Vice President Jack Clemans, shared that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from students and staff alike.

“It’s been so positive,” Brown said. “People have been Snapchatting pictures of their heart and the nice things that people have said about them. I know people have really been enjoying them.”

“I loved it,” Clemons added. “I think it went really well. For some people, this was their only big Valentine’s Day thing.”

Valentine’s Day has passed, but the “Heart” wall still remains. Students will have the opportunity to take their heart home with them before the display is taken down.

The Student Council already has plans to grow the project next year.

To learn more about the Melissa High School Student Council, visit their web page.

Media Contact: Maddie Coe, Community Relations

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