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Melissa High School CTE students show strong performance on Industry Certification Exams


May 2016
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A focal point of Melissa High School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is to have all students leave each course with a sense of achievement. We refer to this as a “capstone,” meaning that each student is expected to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and ability to problem-solve.

One way to accomplish this is to assess the ability of the CTE student within their CTE cluster course: STEM, Information Technology (IT), and Business Management and Administration.

CTE Program & Certiport Testing

STEM students learn 2D and 3D design skills using Autodesk. IT cluster courses – Principles of IT, Computer Programming, and Advanced Computer Programming – range from general computer technology to coding in JavaScript and Java. Within the Business Management and Administration cluster (Business Information Management I and II), students become experts in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook).

In early 2016, Melissa High School became an authorized Certiport Testing Center after securing testing vouchers and exam licenses. This enabled the school to test students through Certiport, a company that administers industry-level certification exams. The focus in year one of this initiative was to expose students to this type of testing.

Student Certifications

The following exams were administered:

Each of these exams, if passed, gives Melissa High School students a competitive edge in the workforce of today and tomorrow, and their collegiate endeavors.

Students in the CTE program took the Industry Recognized Certification Exams and performed exceptionally well in each. The numbers were phenomenal. See below for photos and a breakdown of each exam.

Autodesk Certified User Certification9 Students Passed
MOS PowerPoint Certification53 Students Passed
IC3 GS5 - Computing Fundamentals Exam22 Students Passed
IC3 GS5 - Living Online Exam18 Students Passed
IC3 GS5 - Key Applications Exam10 Students Passed
IC3 GS5 - Certified10 Students Passed

See List of Students by Certification

Photos 1 & 2: Autodesk Certified User Certification; Photo 3: MOS PowerPoint Certification; Photo 4: IC3 All; Photos 5 & 6: IC3 GS5 Certification

Congratulations to all!

A special thank you to the following Melissa High School CTE teachers: Ted Mackey, Heather Lane, Traci Verdery, Lisa Hall, Rick Gagarin, Dustin Clark, Debbie Helmberger, Kyle Brenner, Dr. Quentin Oliphant, and Brittany Owens.

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