Melissa High School #accepted wall celebrates seniors’ future plans

Students view the #accepted wall


Oct 2018
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Melissa High School seniors are celebrating their plans for life after high school, through the school’s #accepted wall.

The #accepted wall – located outside of the counseling office – features students who: a) have received a letter of acceptance to a college, university, technical school, or military branch; b) have signed a letter of intent to play a collegiate sport; or c) will begin their career immediately after graduation and have already secured a job.

Counselors Karen Gracy and Emily Chapman lead the #accepted initiative.

Gracy says the idea came about after she saw a similar concept at her nephew’s high school years ago, but it wasn’t until Ms. Chapman joined the counseling team last year that the idea became a reality at Melissa High School.

By the end of the 2017-18 school year, over 50 seniors were featured on the #accepted wall at the old high school building. The counselors are hopeful for an even bigger turnout from the senior class of 2019.

“Almost every decision that they have made has led them to this point,” said Chapman. “We really want to celebrate with them on taking the next step after high school.”

“We’re proud of them and we want to show them off,” Gracy added. “We want them to be proud of their accomplishment because that’s what they’ve worked for – for four years.”

The first seniors to participate in the #accepted initiative for the 2018-19 school year were Sally Clemmons, Hannah Rossell, and Wyatt Luke Lowery.

Currently, the #accepted wall is in the form of a banner rotation on a TV display on the third floor of the academic tower. The counselors will share each submitted photo on their Twitter account, @MHSCounselors4, and on the counseling web page at

The #accepted wall is likely to expand to other areas of the school as more photos come in.

Seniors can email their #accepted photo to Ms. Chapman at or Ms. Gracy at They can also stop by the counseling office to have a photo taken.

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