Melissa CTE forms advisory council with community partners

CTE Advisory Council Meeting


Jan 2019
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Ten business professionals visited Melissa Schools on Thursday to participate in an advisory council meeting for the Melissa Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. They were joined by the district’s executive leadership team, program directors, and high school principal Kenneth Wooten. Dr. Debi Crawford, Executive Director of Technology and HIRE Education, led the meeting.

The Melissa CTE advisory council represents a variety of professions, including cybersecurity, law enforcement, military, information technology (IT), investment and consulting, and city management.

Dr. Crawford shared with the council recent program developments and future plans for Melissa CTE, emphasizing the goal of creating a bridge between the worlds of education and business. She gave an overview of the Melissa CTE career pathways, endorsement opportunities, and certifications available to students, and touched on a district-wide coding initiative that is currently in development.

“Melissa CTE is for all kids,” said Dr. Crawford.

CTE Advisory Council Discussion

Advisory council members discuss employer needs and expectations.

Superintendent Keith Murphy added, “CTE is about creating opportunities for our kids. We want to give them exposure to opportunities that will set them on a pathway to success.”

Members of the advisory council were invited to provide insight on current employer needs and expectations of students who are interested in joining the workforce, either during high school or immediately after graduation.

The group consensus was that problem-solving skills and on-the-job experience are of high importance.

Dr. Crawford will continue to work with the advisory council as the Melissa CTE program grows. To learn more about Melissa CTE, visit

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