Melissa alum Officer Morgan Helmberger reunites with DWI crash survivor


Oct 2016
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Plano Police Officer Morgan Helmberger, a 2010 graduate of Melissa High School, was recently featured on CBS DFW as she reunited with Rita Deysarkar, the victim of a DWI car crash that occurred last year.

Helmberger responded to the scene of the crime in 2015 and went on to work a manslaughter case against the drunk driver, including giving six hours of testimony in court. Helmberger learned months later that Deysarkar survived despite all odds.

In the heartfelt video below, Helmberger and Deysarkar are reunited.

Deysarkar says, “I just thank you so much for my life.”

Thank you, Officer Helmberger, for your dedication to the protection and safety of our community, and for making such a lasting impact on those that you serve.

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