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McKillop Elementary teacher receives $480 in classroom supplies through

Ms. Verity's students work on an assignment


Oct 2018
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Harry McKillop Elementary teacher Jenna Verity was awarded $480 worth of classroom supplies in early October through, a nonprofit organization that invites public school teachers to list specific needs online, for anyone to fulfill through a donation.

Ms. Verity and her second grade students received 12 station boxes, four table caddies, four sets of geometry shape-building tools, 20 clipboards, and one mailbox shelf for their classroom.

Station Boxes

Station boxes and building tools in Ms. Verity’s classroom

The station boxes are used daily by each student for math and in the future will be used for reading, Verity said.

“I now have enough station boxes for every student in my class to take a box that has all their station materials in it and find a place to work around the room. It makes my classroom run so much smoother, and routine is so important at this age.”

The table caddies are used to hold scissors, glue, expo markers, and sight word flash cards. Verity’s students can access these items at any time throughout the day, particularly in between assignments and tasks.

Verity says that the shape-building tools will be used during the upcoming geometry unit and will assist students with visualization.

“When they have the opportunity to put those shapes together themselves, it really helps make that abstract concept more concrete,” Verity said. “They can then see the relationship of the shape that they built to other items in the room, that in turn, can help them answer a question later on where they need to know the attribute of a shape that is on paper.”

Mailbox Shelving

Students work at a station

Mailbox Shelving

Mailbox shelving

Mailbox Shelving

Students work at a station using computers

Students will use the clipboards during writing activities, station time, and when they work on assignments while lounging on the carpet.

Verity says the mailbox shelf donation has allowed her the space to assign a mailbox to each student, while providing extra room to store papers, cardstock, and other materials.

“The mailbox shelf was huge for me,” Verity said. “It’s been a lifesaver.”

This is Ms. Verity’s fourth project to receive funding through In the last two years, she has received approximately $2,000 worth of classroom materials funded through the organization.

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